Portuguese in parallel with six languages: Español, Russian, Français, Italiano, Deutsch, English


  • December, 4th, 2011 — EcoSanRes - Ecological Sanitation Research, Per-Fide new partner;
  • September, 21st, 2011 — ACIDI - Alto Comissariado para a Imigração e Diálogo Intercultural, Per-Fide new partern;
  • July, 21st, 2011 — EDCTP - European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership, Per-Fide new partner;
  • July, 08th, 2011 — Organização Internacional do Trabalho, Per-Fide new partner;
  • June, 05th, 2011 — ART - Turismo dos Açores, Per-Fide new partner;

Per-Fide! — Project Goals

  • Compiling parallel corpora:
    • between the Portuguese language and six other languages (Spanish, Russian, French, Italian, German and English);
    • of different domains (literary, religious, journalistic, judicial, legislative and technical);
  • corpora alignment at sentence level, with automatic classification of quality standards or alignment guaranty;
  • morphological and morpho-syntactic annotation in all possible languages;
  • automatic extraction of bilingual probabilistic translation dictionaries;
  • automatic extraction of bilingual terminology by means of syntactic patterns;
  • availability of resources for online query and local use.